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Nov 25, 2013 12:00am EST
.k. after iraq, but of course it creates a bit see sense of this event from the u.s.. the obama administration has repeatedly made clear that it values the u.k.-u.s. relationship them as do people in congress and other parts of u.s. public life. essential the term relationship when president obama visited the u.k. in 2011, i think was intended to underscore the relevance and operational value of the contemporary relationship and to show that neither side was simply relying on history and sentiment. i think that is important. obamafive years of the administration, i think it is a cardinal feature of the president's foreign policy that one of america's strengths is its ability to attract and maintain strong allies. i think the administration realized it hadn't got that message across adequately when they entered office in 2009. they put more emphasis on it now. to europe and other allies. europe is no longer the principal object of american foreign policy, that has seen a big change since the cold war heard instead, our value is as partners in dealing with the world's economic and
Nov 24, 2013 9:00pm EST
. president obama and i have said since the beginning that we are not just going to verify, we are going to verify and verify and verify. we have to know to a certainty so that israel, gulf states, ourselves, nobody can be deceived by what is taking place. i don't think it is possible until we solve the nuclear problem. is over down the road the course of the next six months while we work to try to solve the nuclear program. if it can be solved, hopefully establish a basis for proceeding forward on other things. right now we have made it very clear that the international community requires a resolution of the united nations resolutions that have been passed. the questions that the international atomic energy agency has, all of these things need to be answered. we are trying to set up a process by which we can verify, know what we are doing, restrain the program while we negotiate the comprehensive deal. >> that was secretary kerry on cnn talking about what many are calling a first step in the agreement over iran's nuclear program. on our facebook page, you can weigh in on the conversatio
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2